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This is one of the “strongest” marijuana product in the market. How did it come about? basically moonrocks were made by taking a marijuana bud such as Girl Scout cookies, mix it hash oil and kief to produce a new kind of marijuana product. This process leads a product that carries a THC value of about  51.2%. When used in smaller quantities it can help in pain reduction, improving appetite and decreasing nausea. With a 15% CBD value, moonrocks are good for pain management, anxiety and for other medical uses. In larger quantities it will knock you out.

To get the best consumption experience we advise the use of a pipe after breaking down the product using a grinder. Moon Rocks are also called cannabis caviar, weed caviar and caviar weed. There are different kinds of moonrocks, including Kurupt’s Moonrock which is very powerful medical marijuana product. Other moon rocks include zodiac moonrocks.

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